PowerShell Saturday 005 Atlanta is this Saturday, October 26th

Don’t miss out on an awesome opportunity to attend a PowerShell Saturday technology event this weekend in Atlanta where you’ll be able to learn some PowerShell from Microsoft MVP’s, PowerShell enthusiasts, and product evangelists as well as being able to meet face to face and network with other IT pro’s in the industry!


I’m scheduled to present two sessions, one on “PowerShell Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the 2013 Scripting Games“, and another on “GUI Toolmaking with PowerShell“. There are over a dozen awesome speakers scheduled to present a total of fifteen sessions in three different tracks so even if you feel the way this guy does who is following me on twitter, there’s a PowerShell track for you:


There will be an Iron Scripter competition similar to a mini-scripting games – no worries though, I won’t be competing although I may be performing some duties related to this.

I’ve also been given the all clear to announce a couple of things during my sessions, one of which won’t be announced to the general public until Monday and the other is something that I’ll be briefly demonstrating that only a couple of other people are aware of. Very cool stuff and both are PowerShell related.



  1. Nick Devenish

    Mike, Did you ever post the summary scripts that you were showing us during your presentation on lessons learned from the scripting games?

  2. Robert

    I second this, hoping you will post it up. Thanks!

  3. Robert

    I second that, I hope its posted up soon so we can take a look. Thanks.

  4. Robert

    Any chance you will actually post the information presented at PowerShell Saturday as indicated?

  5. Mike F Robbins

    Sure. The presentation materials can be downloaded from here. Use password posh005006 for the zip file password.

  6. Robert

    Late coming back to the party here but thank you for posting it!

  7. Mike F Robbins

    Be sure to check out the Scripting Games tips that I’m writing about on PowerShell.org as they’re more or less the session I presented at PowerShell Saturday 005 and 006. I’m working my way through the script I used during the presentation: http://powershell.org/wp/2014/01/03/powershell-tip-1-from-the-winner-of-the-advanced-category-in-the-2013-scripting-games/


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