PowerShell Saturday 006: Hear the Scripting Guy and the Winner of the Advanced Category in the Scripting Games

How would you like to attend a couple of awesome sessions of a PowerShell Saturday technology event without having to leave the comfort of your home? and without having to burn daylight or travel anywhere? and yes, we’re talking about live, not recorded sessions.

You’re in luck, the first two sessions of PowerShell Saturday 006 in Singapore are going to be available to attend via a Lync online (virtual) meeting. Wait, it gets better. Singapore is 13 hours ahead of central time zone in the USA (where I live). That means you can attend these two sessions on Friday night without having to burn daylight on Saturday.

We’re not talking about just any sessions either. The Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson will be presenting at 8:15pm Central Time Friday night, October 11th (9:15am Singapore Time, Saturday morning, October 12th). His session is titled “Write Modules, Not Scripts”.

There’s a 10 minute break after Ed’s session and then my session begins immediately after that which is at 9:40pm Central Time Friday night, October 11th (10:40am Singapore Time, Saturday morning, October 12th). My session is titled “PowerShell Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the 2013 Scripting Games”.

I know there’s no way I can possibly cover all of the Best Practices and Lessons I’ve Learned and compiled while competing in the past two years of the scripting games:


I plan to cover seventy-five minutes of the top items that I think can best help others.

Register here to attend the Lync meeting or in person if you happen to live in Singapore. You’ll find the event schedule here. I recommend following the Singapore PowerShell User Group and Matt Hitchcock on twitter to receive updates about this event.


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  1. Ernie

    Hello Mike and thanks for posting, unfortunately I live in the UK, not that there is any thing wrong with the UK 🙂 So 9am Singapore time is 2am UK time 🙁 any chance you are also recording this session for later download? or are you going to publish your list of best practice tips for download?

    Thanks Mike


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