PowerShell Oktoberfest: PowerShell Saturday 005 in Atlanta and 006 in Singapore

October is my favorite time of the year. The weather is cooler, the tree leaves are changing colors, and while I haven’t been to a real Oktoberfest in Germany in over twenty years, the coming month is filled with PowerShell related activities which will have to suffice.

October 3rd – Philadelphia PowerShell User Group meeting. This is a physical meeting, but they have made their meetings available via Microsoft Lync as well.

October 8th – Mississippi PowerShell User Group meeting. Our user group meetings are virtual via Microsoft Lync so there’s no reason not to attend.

October 12th – PowerShell Saturday 006 in Singapore. I’ll be presenting a session at this event via Microsoft Lync. The Scripting Guy Ed Wilson is also scheduled to present at this event.

October 15th – Florida PowerShell User Group meeting. This meeting is also virtual via Microsoft Lync so there’s no excuses for not attending.

October 26th – PowerShell Saturday 005 in Atlanta. I’ll be presenting at and attending this event in person. There’s an amazing lineup of speakers scheduled to present at this event, too many to list here so visit the linked site for more information.

With the Winter Scripting Games approaching, be sure to attend my session at either PowerShell Saturday 005 or 006 to learn my tips and tricks on how I became the winner of the advanced category of the 2013 Scripting Games! You’ll get a change to pick my brain and see the map of my mind (although that might be scary to some):


I know you probably can’t read the previous image but it’s a mind map of all of the tricks and tips that I’ve compiled from the scripting games that I’ll be using for reference during my presentation at PowerShell Saturday 005 and 006.

No PowerShell blog would be complete without some PowerShell. Let’s find out how many tickets are available as of right now for PowerShell Saturday 005 in Atlanta:

There are 148 tickets left:


Keep in mind that PowerShell Saturday 005 in Atlanta is the weekend before Halloween so I may show up in my PowerShell SuperHero costume:


and have some treats (in the form of swag) for a few lucky people who participate during my session.


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