What does PowerShell, SQL Server, Swag, and Jambalaya all have in common?

What does PowerShell, SQL Server, Swag, and Jambalaya all have in common?
SQL Saturday #234 in Baton Rouge this Saturday, August 3rd.

Whether you want to learn some PowerShell or SQL, a chance to win some cool swag, network with other technology enthusiasts in the industry, or maybe you just want a free jambalaya lunch, then the place to be this Saturday, August 3rd is SQL Saturday #234 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


I’m not sure how many tickets are available at this point before this free technology event sells out, but as of yesterday there were about 650 people registered and there were at least some tickets still available.

Are you a stalker and want to find me? I’ll be in the PowerShell track all day which is in room 1420. I’ll be presenting the first session of the day in that track on PowerShell Fundamentals for Beginners. The last time I presented this session in person was at SQL Saturday #220 Atlanta in May where I had 60 people attend my session in a 48 seat room so plan to arrive early. I also presented this session for the PowerShell Virtual Chapter of SQL PASS in June and had 100 people attend that session virtually.


Who am I and why should you attend my “PowerShell Fundamentals for Beginners” session at SQL Saturday in Baton Rouge? I’m the winner of the advanced category in the 2013 Scripting Games. What’s that really mean for the people who attend my session? My session is geared for beginners and it means that I’ll get you started on the right track with PowerShell based on what the industry considers to be best practices. Want to know more about me? See the “About Me” section of my MCP virtual business card.

Did I mention that they’re serving Jambalaya for lunch? and it’s from The Jambalaya Shoppe. I’ve attended SQL Saturdays in Baton Rouge and several other cities for the past couple of years or so and trust me, this is the best lunch I’ve had at a SQL Saturday event.


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