People Who are Blogging About the 2013 Scripting Games

I’m sure that most people can easily find any of the blogs of the official judges from the 2013 Scripting Games. I recommend reading those blogs whether you’re competing in the scripting games or not since there’s a wealth of great information contained in them. The best place to find those blogs if you don’t know already is the Judges Notes section under the Scripting Games area on so there’s no reason to duplicate them here.

There are also a number of people who are competing in the Scripting Games that are writing blog articles of their own blog sites. A couple of the ones that I’m aware of are listed below and while they’re my competition in the advanced class and have links promoting their Scripting Games entries in their blogs (I do the same thing),  I don’t mind promoting their blog articles because there’s some great information to be found in them. I’m actually glad they provided links to their entries because both of these guys are excellent PowerShell scripters and you could learn a lot from viewing their Scripting Games entries. Ultimately the scripting games is all about the community learning more about using PowerShell best practices in a friendly competition that’s just for fun.

Click on the links below to go the Scripting Games category on each of these guys blog:

LazyWinAdmin (Trust me, this guy is not lazy. He was training for a marathon while at the PowerShell Summit).

_Emin_ also known as p0w3rsh3ll (I’ve been impressed with his PowerShell scripting abilities ever since he wrote some functions to set the proxy server settings on Server core – see that article here).

If there’s anyone else blogging about the Scripting Games, leave a comment and I’ll post a link to your blog as well. I believe is in the process of putting something similar to this up.

Here’s where you can find the blog articles that I’ve written about the Scripting Games.

Update: More blogs about the 2013 Scripting Games will be added to the list below as I’m made aware of them. This is an open invitation to have the “2013 Scripting Games” category of your blog listed here:

Jonathan Tyler is one of the top PowerShell scripters in the advanced competition this year. He won the Iron Scripter competition last year at PowerShell Saturday 002 in Charlotte, NC. Be sure to check out his blogs and Scripting Games entries to learn techniques on how you might become an Iron Scripter in the future.

Dave’s blog articles about the Scripting Games.

Carlo’s blog articles about the Scripting Games.

Chris H’s articles about the Scripting Games.



  1. Dave

    Hi Mike

    I am writing a few blog posts about the games here, mostly about my own entries but will be adding a few bits and pieces as they come up.

  2. Ryan Ries

    I love Powershell. I’m competing in the games too, blogging about it, and I really appreciate all you guys giving me a look at your high-quality scripts and feedback. The Scripting Games have been terrific learning experiences for me.

  3. Carlo

    Hello Mike,
    I am competing in the Advanced category and writing about my entries at Check it out!

  4. Chris H. (@LogicalDiagram)

    I’m posting my thought as well. It’s been a frustrating and fun event.


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