The Scripting Games are Coming, The Scripting Games are Coming, The Scripting Games are Coming!

This years Scripting Games are scheduled to be kicked off during the PowerShell Summit North America 2013 which begins on April 22nd. That’s about two and a half weeks away at this point.

In previous years, there have been two categories and it’s my understanding that this year, there will be three categories. One for PowerShell beginners, one for advanced PowerShell scripters as in previous years, and a new category for people who aren’t actually competing in the events but want to grade or rate other peoples scripts. What? You heard me correctly. This year, scripts will be graded or rated by the public as well as other scripting games contestants.

How do I know if I should compete in the beginner class or the advanced class? If you’re new to PowerShell, then the answer is simple, compete in the beginner class, but what if I feel I’m somewhere in-between?

The Beginner Class
If you primarily use PowerShell to accomplish tasks via one liners and aren’t creating tools for other junior level IT personnel to use, then I would suggest competing in the beginner class and the “Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition” book would be an excellent study guide to prepare for the scripting games. Receive 50% off with promo code dotd0404cc on your purchase of this book today only.

The Advanced Class
If you’re a toolmaker who writes scripts and/or advanced functions that are routinely turned over to other IT staff members to use, then I would suggest competing in the advanced class and the “Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches” book is an excellent study guide for the advanced category events. You can also receive half off of this book today only with promo code dotd0404cc.

Although I don’t consider myself a toolmaker today, I’ll be competing in the advanced category so I can learn and become a toolmaker. That’s what the scripting games are all about, learning and challenging yourself to become better.

Want more information about the scripting games? See the 2013 Scripting Games Guide on the site.



  1. Ryan Dennis

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    Can’t wait to participate in my 3rd year of the Scripting Games!

  2. Jonathan Tyler

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    I was not able to participate in the games last year, but I am very excited to try the new changes to the games this year, get involved, and maybe even learn some new things about Powershell. If you are interested in Powershell and want a great place to learn a lot, I suggest that you start looking into the information on the site.

    It seems that the re-vamp of the games holds some interesting twists that have not been available before.


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