Become a PowerShell SuperHero with SAPIEN Technologies PowerShell Studio 2012

I saw a tweet last week titled The Friday Funny: The Best T-Shirts at #RSAC and while those t-shirts are cool, they’re not nearly as awesome as the ultimate technology related T-Shirt which is from SAPIEN Technologies and when combined with their PowerShell Studio 2012 product can turn you into a PowerShell SuperHero as seen in the following image:


_Note: The PowerShell enthusiast depicted in the previous image is not an actual superhero, he is only portraying one. _

Seriously, the T-Shirt alone won’t make you an actual “SuperHero”, but it will make you look like one. As far as SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2012, it’s what will make you appear to be a PowerShell SuperHero, or at least that’s what your boss and co-workers will think. Don’t believe me? Download the 45 day free trial version and give it a try.

I have to admit, the new PowerShell version 3 ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) is much better than the ISE that was included with PowerShell version 2, but it still lacks basic features such as the ability to highlight multiple lines of code and click a button to comment them out. This isn’t a problem in SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2012 though:


Want to create a graphical user interface on top of your PowerShell code? The PowerShell Forms Designer feature in PowerShell Studio 2012 is what you’ll want to use and as referenced in the Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches book written by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks (published by Manning): It’s possible to create a GUI using the ISE, but it’s a pain. The book goes on to show you the painless process of using SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2012 to create a GUI as well as the painful process of using the ISE. I’ve paraphrased what the book says (these aren’t actual quotes from the book).

Want to create an exe from your PowerShell code? PowerShell Studio 2012 can do that. Interested in using source control for you PowerShell scripts? Source control support is built into PowerShell Studio 2012.

As this other blog article that I found about SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2012 says: Sapien’s PowerShell Studio 2012 –The “Bruce Almighty” of all the PowerShell ISEs !!. The title of that blog article is self-explanatory.

Back to the T-Shirt, no technology related T-Shirt would be complete without something cool on the back of it:


I’ll be wearing this T-Shirt at SQL Saturday #220 in Atlanta in May. By the way, have you heard of the Mississippi PowerShell User Group?