Grand Prize Winner of TrainSignal’s Jeff Hicks PowerShell Challenge

A little over a month ago, I entered a PowerShell contest named “Jeff Hicks’ PowerShell Challenge” that was held by TrainSignal. Each day, a PowerShell related question was posted and contestants were given 24 hours to send an email to TrainSignal with the answer. At the end of the competition, the individuals who answered all four days worth of questions correctly were entered into a drawing and I was notified that I was the winner of this “grand prize”.

I was emailed the information to access my prize of Jeff Hicks new TrainSignal training course titled “PowerShell v3 New Features” online. A DVD copy of this training course was also sent to me along with a TrainSignal t-shirt, ink pen, USB flash drive, and card, all of which arrived a few days later:


The DVD’s and t-shirt:


In addition to the PowerShell v3 New Features DVD’s, the package I received from TrainSignal for winning the grand prize included a t-shirt, pen, USB flash drive, and card:


A close up of the DVD case front cover:


And a close up of the back cover of the DVD case:


I’ve read a few PowerShell verison 3 books and I’ve watched other videos, but this course contains some information that I hadn’t seen or heard anywhere else. It also helped to re-enforce some of the new PowerShell version 3 features that I had previously read about.

This is the best video training course that I’ve seen to date on the new PowerShell version 3 features. I highly recommend it for anyone who has prior experience with PowerShell version 2 and wants to learn the new features of PowerShell version 3.


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