PowerShell: Determine Exposed WMI and CIM Class Methods

During last months Arizona PowerShell User Group meeting, Aleksandar Nikolić, a PowerShell MVP, posted a number of great tips in the chat during The Scripting Guy (Ed Wilson)'s presentation which was on managing Windows 8 remotely with PowerShell version 3 (An awesome session).

One of the code snippets that Aleksandar posted was how to determine what the exposed WMI and CIM class methods are. Here's the code snippet which returns a list of the exposed methods for the Win32_Process class:

1(get-cimclass win32_process).CimClassMethods


Aleksandar also posted these other code snippets which are all very interesting:

1dir wsman:\localhost\service\defaultports


1dir wsman:\localhost\service


1get-pssessionconfiguration microsoft.powershell | fl *