PowerShell Version 3 Installation Failure on Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core Installation (no-GUI)

You have a server which runs the Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 operating system that was installed using the “Server Core Installation” option (no-GUI):

](/images/2012/04/ps2-2008r2core01.png" height=“480)

You’ve given this server a name, added it to the domain, configured the IP address settings, and configured options 1 -3 in the “Configure Remote Management” portion of sconfig as shown in the following image:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure1.png” height=“503)

PowerShell version 2 works fine on the server, but you’ve been tasked with loading PowerShell version 3 on it. You’ve downloaded and installed the specific version of the .NET Framework 4.0 that’s for Server Core from the Microsoft Download Center:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure2.png” height=“241)

You’ve also downloaded and installed the Windows Management Framework 3.0 from the Microsoft Download Center (Windows6.1-KB2506143-x64.msu). This installer includes PowerShell 3.0, WMI, and WinRM:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure3.png” height=“154)

This installation required a restart. Upon restarting the server, you receive the following message: “Failure configuring Windows updates Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer."

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure4.png” height=“175)

What’s the cause of this problem? Simply not reading the instructions for installing the .NET Framework 4.0 on Server Core:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure4a.png” height=“417)

If you followed those instructions, two features; WoW64-NetFx2-Support and WoW64-NetFx2 would be enabled in addition to the two features that were already enabled. I’m going to go ahead and enable the WoW64-PowerShell feature also since it’s listed as being necessary in the documentation to manage a 2008 R2 Server Core machine from the new Windows Server 2012 Server Manager interface:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure5.png” height=“159)

Enabling the one parent feature will automatically enable the two child features:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure6.png” height=“108)

Verifying the features were enabled:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure7.png” height=“139)

Enabling those features allows the Windows Management Framework 3.0 installation to complete successfully. I’ve re-run the installation of Windows Management Framework 3.0 and restarted the server. PowerShell version 3.0 was successfully installed:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure8.png” height=“161)

In a future blog article, I’ll cover the remainder of the necessary configuration to manage a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine from the new Windows Server 2012 Server Manager:

](/images/2012/11/sc-ps3-failure9.png” height=“201)