PowerShell Studio 2012: PowerShell Cache Builder has Stopped Working

I won a copy of PowerShell Studio 2012 at PowerShell Saturday 003 in Atlanta last month. It’s an awesome product to win and the best giveaway of the entire event (in my opinion).

I ran into an issue the first time I ran the product after the installation and thought I would share the problem, cause, and solution so anyone who experiences the same issue can easily resolve it. The installation itself completed without issue. The first time I opened the program, I received the error in the following image:

![cachebuilder-error1.png" height=“452](/images/2012/11/cachebuilder-error1.png” height=“452)

Based on the information in the previous image, I can see it seems to be having an issue with the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Management Tools that I have installed which includes the Exchange 2010 PowerShell snapin.

The problem this created in PowerShell Studio, is it only allowed 32 bit mode:

![cachebuilder-error2.png” height=“189](/images/2012/11/cachebuilder-error2.png” height=“189)

Maybe hacking my Windows 8 installation to force the installation of the Exchange 2010 Management Tools wasn’t such a good idea after all. Reference: “How to Install the Exchange 2010 Management Tools on Windows 8 RTM”.

I uninstalled the Exchange 2010 Management Tools:

![cachebuilder-error3.png” height=“68](/images/2012/11/cachebuilder-error3.png” height=“68)

I then re-ran the installation of PowerShell Studio 2012 and performed a repair installation. Once the repair was complete, the Cache Builder completed successfully and both 32 and 64 bit were available from the drop-down list:

![cachebuilder-error4.png” height=“406](/images/2012/11/cachebuilder-error4.png” height=“406)