A Quarter of a Million Hits & MrPowerShell.com Announcement

This month makes 3 years that this blog site (mikefrobbins.com) has been live. I’ll reach a quarter of a million hits on this blog site before the end of the day today!


You’ll notice that PowerShell has become more and more the focus of what I’m blogging about. See how much larger the word “PowerShell” is than everything else in the category cloud on the right side of this site. Why? Because it’s the future of system administration. If you’re only interested in the PowerShell category of this blog, it can now be accessed by a cool new domain name.

My initials (first and last name) are MR as in mister, so if you want to access the PowerShell category of the Mike Robbins blog directly, it’s my initials combined with powershell .com (MrPowerShell.com) as in Mister PowerShell Dot Com (Something easier to tell someone and easier for them to remember).