How to Unmount an ISO file in Windows 8

Prior to Windows 8, I used a program called Virtual CloneDrive to mount ISO’s. Once the ISO was mounted, it could easily be unmounted by selecting the “Unmount” option:

ISO’s can natively be mounted in Windows 8, but there’s no “Unmount” option. To unmount an ISO, right click on the drive letter of the mounted ISO and select “Eject”:

While writting this blog, I also discovered that “Eject” is an option with Virtual CloneDrive as shown in the first image that can be used to unmount an ISO.



  1. Jeff Wouters

    The same goes for VHD(X) files 😀

  2. Garrett

    HI, I’m using a pavilion g7 laptop and I mounted a iso file to pay a game but unfortunately I am not able to unmount it or eject it when I right click the mounted drive the eject button is faded out so I have to go into the iso into the ribbon and click eject but then I get a error saying : An Error has occurred while Ejecting ” CD drive (F:) BT5″ how do I unmounts the iso so I can delete the iso file ?


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