Can the PowerShell ISE be Installed on Windows Server 2012 Server Core Installation?

I noticed a few days ago that the PowerShell ISE is an available feature on Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate when running the Server Core Installation (no GUI):

Does that mean the PowerShell ISE can run on Server Core in Windows Server 2012 unlike in Windows Server 2008 R2? Let’s find out.

The installation takes a long time and then you’re prompted to restart when it’s complete:

Finally when the restart is finished and you log in, Server Manager will be loaded and you’ll discover that you now have what’s called “Minimum Server Interface”:

So the answer is no, the PowerShell ISE can’t be installed on “Server Core” in 2012.



  1. Nurul Momen

    PowerShell ISE is installed with windows server 2012 by default. All you have to do is type “PowerShell ISE” on the PowerShell prompt.

  2. AK

    Default or not, this small article is quite helpful. Thanks Mike!

  3. RemyG

    Start it via TasKmanager. At first minimum server interface is installed as well.

  4. faiza

    awesome article thumbs up !!!


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