2013 a Microsoft Software Release Odyssey

An Odyssey is defined as a “Long and Eventful Journey”. The first version of Microsoft Office that I can remember supporting professionally is Office 4.3 and the first version of Exchange was 5.5. It’s been a long an eventful journey to get from the days of those versions of software to where we are today with the preview versions of SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013 , Lync 2013, Office Web Apps Server, Project 2013, Visio 2013, and Office Professional Plus 2013 being announced in addition to the already available release preview of Windows 8, and release candidate version of Windows Server 2012.

I decided to start taking a look at these products by first installing the Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview. It can be installed via the following URL: https://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/en.

Clicking on Sign up link on the webpage will install the Office 365 Home Premium version of Office 2013. More versions are available by clicking on the Learn more link:


Based on the information of this screen, you’ll be able to install Office 2013 on 5 PC’s and share your documents and settings between them. Click on “Try now”:


At this point I was wondering if I had the right link since there was no mention of Office 2013. Click “Get started now”:


Except for trying to figure out if I was installing the right product or not, the installation is a clickersize. Click “Install”:


I’ve cut out several screenshots since it’s just next, next, next. Click “Next”:


Be patient and wait for the installation to complete. High speed Internet definitely helps.


The entire installation process took less than 15 minutes on my PC and now it’s “All done!":


If you’re using the Windows 8 Release Preview, the links will show up on the Start page:


I’m using a program called Classic Shell to add a traditional Start Menu to the Windows 8 Release Preview so the shortcuts also show up in the normal start menu:


The new interface for Word 2013 looks cool:


The new interface for Excel 2013 interface looks cool too:


More information about all of the products listed at the beginning of this blog is available on Microsoft’s Try More Products page.