PowerShell 3.0 Hands-On Labs at TechEd 2012

Thinking about learning the new features of PowerShell 3.0 at Microsoft TechEd North America 2012? If you’re planning to get some hands on experience using the hands on labs, don’t waste your time. I attempted to go through the WSV11-HOL “What’s New in Windows PowerShell 3.0 ” this morning:

Only to find out the resolution (screen size) on the virtual machine is set too high to view the content:

I also attempted the WSV12-HOL “Introduction to Windows PowerShell Fundamentals 3.0 “, but had the same problem:

Even though this is my third year in a row at TechEd, this is my first experience with the hands  on labs and it’s a failure. According to the onsite Microsoft representatives, this problem was reported yesterday and there’s no ETA on a resolution. How is it that we can have a conference that’s sold out to people who do this for a living but we can’t get someone to adjust the resolution on a VM?

Update 6/13/12
I spoke to another PowerShell enthusiast yesterday (@cruz_daniel) who said this problem still exists but he discovered a work-around and was able to complete the PowerShell 3.0 hands on labs. The work around is to click on the instructions that are partially covered up by the VM and use Cntl  + mouse wheel to zoom out so you can view them.



  1. Gaby_MSFT

    Hello, Mike. A pleasure meeting you this morning. I repro’d this problem in the WSV11, WSV12, and WSV25 HOLs. You can fix it by changing the resolution of the lab VM. Right-click the desktop view (not the Start screen view) of the VM, and then click Screen resolution. On the Resolution menu, click 1024x 768. Click OK. On the Display Settings pop-up, click Keep Changes. Problem solved for me. — Gaby K., Technical Writer, Windows Server

  2. Matt

    Dude–just change the res on the virtual machine down–problem fixed! …duh

    • Mike F Robbins

      Matt – you’re about a week late and several dollars short :-). Hindsight is always 20/20. As Gaby (who is a real Microsoft representative) said, there’s only one specific way to change the resolution and that could have been enabled after this issue was reported. Normally you don’t have rights to adjust things such as the resolution in these labs. The smartest thing to do when you run into an issue like this is to notify the onsite personnel who is in charge of the labs (which I did).


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