Your Search Cannot Be Completed Because This Site Is Not Assigned To An Indexer.

Your attempting to search a SharePoint 2010 Site (Foundation Edition) and you receive the following error message “Your search cannot be completed because this site is not assigned to an indexer.”

Search has never been configured for this SharePoint farm so we’ll be configuring it from the ground up. First you’ll need two service accounts, one for the search service to run as and one for the actual crawling. Todd Klindt has a great blog on service accounts that I use for reference. I used the following PowerShell command to create these accounts:

Register the spNameSearch service account as a SharePoint Managed Account:

Go to the Central Administration website > System Settings > Manage services on server and click “Start” next to “SharePoint Foundation Search”:

Select the spNameSearch account from the drop down list in the Service Account section. It will only show up in the list if it has been registered as a SharePoint Managed Account. Use the domainspNameContent account in the Content Access Account section. I’ve also modified the database name to match my naming scheme for the other SharePoint databases. Modify the indexing schedule as needed depending on the size of your farm and the performance impact you can accept. If in doubt, start with the default index schedule.

Assign a search server to the content database by going to Central Administration > Manage Content Databases and selecting your content database.

Now you just have to wait until the content is crawled. Until then you won’t return any search results, but you also won’t receive the error that was originally displayed.


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