Initial Configuration of a Dell PowerConnect Switch

You have a new out of the box Dell PowerConnect Switch and need to assign it an IP address so you can remotely access and manage it. Connect a 9 pin serial (female to female) cable to the switch. You’ll probably need a USB to Serial Port adapter on the computer end since most computers (especially laptops) no longer have serial ports.

Open up Hyper Terminal or another terminal emulation program. Configure the connection for: Bits Per Second = 9600, Data Bits = 8, Parity = None, Stop Bits = 1, and Flow Control = None. Press enter and you should end up at a console> prompt.

The following commands configure the switch with a username of admin, password of password, IP address of, subnet mask of, and a default gateway of

username admin password password level 15
int vlan 1
ip address
ip default-gateway
copy run start

To verify the configuration, enter:

show ip int vlan 1

Once it’s connected to your network, you should be able to remotely access the switch through a web browser using the IP address that it’s been assigned.



  1. noor

    why you add ip default-gateway

  2. austinrafael (@austinrafael)

    I believe if you don’t add the gateway, you’ll only be able to ping/manage it from that same subnet – so if you don’t add it, and you rack it and drive away – it could be a PITA 🙂


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