Dell EqualLogic PS4000 – Creating a Volume with PowerShell

Download the EqualLogic Host Integration Toolkit (HIT Kit) for Microsoft from the EqualLogic support site. Install the PowerShell Tools portion of the HIT Kit on the computer you want to manage the SAN from. For a PS4000, this computer doesn’t need access to the iSCSI network as long as it has connectivity to the management network.

The following PowerShell script creates a 36GB thin provisioned volume named mikefrobbins with a snapshot reserve of 100%, sets a description for the volume, allows two specific IP addresses to access the volume and its snapshots, sets up a 1am snapshot schedule that takes place once per day and attempts to keep 7 snapshots as long as the total size of the snapshots doesn’t exceed the snapshot reserved space.

When you execute the script, enter the grpadmin credentials or the credentials of an equivalent account when prompted:

The volume has been created with the settings specified in the PowerShell script:

Access to the volume and its snapshots has been setup for the two specified IP addresses:

The snapshot job has been created and enabled:

You could use the GUI to accomplish the same task, but GUI’s generally leave too much room for error. Using a PowerShell script allows you to create a volume exactly the same way each time with no chance of forgetting to do something like creating a snapshot job. Nothing worse than having something missed by your backup job and committing yourself to recovering it from a snapshot only to find out: “Oh yeah, I forgot to set that up”.


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