Filter Results by Piping Output to the Find Command

Piping the output of a command line utility to the find command is a way to easily narrow down the results that are returned.

Here’s an example of piping the output of the netstat command to find only the ports that your server is listening on:

You can pipe the output multiple times to narrow down your search results:

The find command can also be used to search text files:

Here’s the syntax of the find command:



  1. Usha

    Hi there I found your page by mistake when i was searching Yahoo for this issue, I have to point out your site is quite very helpful I also love the design, its awesome!

  2. Jimbillabobaloobob

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for being an excellent documentation writer. Examples and pictures I say, that’s what helps me out.

    Good job!

  3. Ken

    Would like to point out that find is not a powershell command, but rather a command line utility. Notice the title of the window reads Command prompt.


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