Get-OWAVirtualDirectory Access is Denied on Exchange 2010

When attempting to open “Server Configuration>Client Access” from the Exchange Management Console, you receive the following error:
An IIS directory entry couldn’t be created. The error message is Access is denied. HResult = -2147024891 It was running the command ‘Get-OwaVirtualDirectory’.

Running the command listed in the error in the Exchange Management Shell gives you some additional information:

To resolve this issue, add the “domainExchange Trusted Subsystem” group to the local administrators group of all of your exchange servers.



  1. jim

    this is awesome man

  2. Johan

    responding to you last post in 2010. i have the same problem . there is just one catch … my exchange 2007 server is base on a dc . this makes it impossible to add the Exchange Trusted Subsystem group to the local administrator group , because it doesn’t exist


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