How to change the IP Address on SCO Unix

One of my customers re-addressed their entire internal network to a new ip-address range to allow for future growth and DHCP server redundancy. They have a legacy Unix machine sitting in the corner that no one knows anything about, but they still need to access it for legacy data. I’m not a Unix guy so there may be easier ways to do this, but here’s how I changed the ip-address:

Login using the root account. Run “ifconfig -a” to determine the interface name (which is net0 in the example below):


You can add an alias using “ifconfig net0 netmask broadcast”, but the alias will be removed when the system is rebooted.

To permanently change the ip-address, run “netconfig”. Tab once and press the down arrow until “SCO TCP/IP” under the actual ethernet card is selected (not the one under the loopback adapter):


Tab back to the top and select “Modify protocol configuration” under “Protocol”:


Tab to the fields and make the necessary modifications. Tab to Ok and press enter:


Select OK:


Under the “Hardware” menu, select exit:


Select “Yes” to re-link the kernel:


Wait for the rebuilt to complete and choose yes:


I chose no on this one:


Modify the ip-addresses in /etc/hosts using the vi editor vi hosts i = insert mode :q! to quit without saving :wq to quit and save changes

Reboot and then run “ifconfig -a” to verify the settings are correct.