Joomla Invalid Session Error

Today when attempting to login to the administrator (administration) portion of one of my customers Joomla websites, I received an “Invalid Session” error. Internet Explorer only shows the error in the URL and just redirects you back to the login page: Session

Google Chrome actually shows an “Invalid Session” error on the login page:

You have a session directory specified in your php.ini file that does not exist:
session.save_path = “X:/my/session/directory/”
Create the directory and make sure it has the proper permissions to resolve this problem.



  1. Joram van Driel

    I have the same problem of Invalid Session; here’s how I ended up here:

    If you go to my website, you see it has errors. Trying to fix this I wanted to log in on my Joomla admin page, but I forgot what my password was. I changed it on my phpMyAdmin using an MD5 generator. Since then, it gives the Invalid Session error.

    I tried your solution, and ALL the related solutions provided on this forum

    But nothing works. So I have two problems: my site is down, and I cannot login to my Joomla page.

    I hope you can help me out, thanks in advance.

  2. david

    Other solution is check your FTP quota isn’t full. That sorted mine – I had backups via CHRON that had used it all.


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