HP MFP Digital Sending Software on Windows Server 2008

I recently updated and migrated some HP MFP Digital Sending Software (DSS) from version 4.13 to 4.16 and from a Windows 2003 Server to a Windows 2008 Server. One thing to note is that even the newest version of the HP DSS Software (4.16) will not run on a 64bit operating system so the newest operating system that can be used is a 32bit version of Windows 2008 (non-R2 since R2 is 64bit only). After loading the HP DSS software, I received the following error when attempting to add the actual digital senders:

The resolution to this problem was to re-run Windows Update since some of the components that the HP DSS software installs need to be updated for the software to work correctly:



  1. Frederic MELON

    Good Evening,

    I’m French and I definitively looking for the new version of DSS 4, compatible winth W2K8 32b.

    I (of course) bought the licence, 4 years ago, and I wonder if you could tell me how I could download the 4.16 software (do you have FTP Codes maybe ?)

    Do no hesitate to contact me by mail.

    Thank you by advance.


  2. Eileen

    THank you Mike you saved my life and lot of time troubleshooting this problem. You are best.

  3. Chris

    The only reason the DSS software does not install on x64 is because of the MSDE and SQL Express installer versions bundled with the software. If you are willing to put in a little extra work it is very easy to make the DSS software run on a 64-bit server.

    I’ll likely do my own writeup on this so everyone can benefit. But here’s a quick rundown:

    1: Download and install 64-bit SQL 2005 Express. You must choose the advanced options and make a named instance of HPDSDB and make sure to install using a mixed mode authentication. (SA password does not matter at this point as it needs to be transferred since it’s unknown and hard coded in the DSS software for use)

    2: Install DSS on a 32-bit machine and install SQL 2005 Management Studio. Using an edited sp_help_revlogin http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918992/ to include sa (if you don’t know how to edit the script to do this then you probably shouldn’t be going through this process). Dump the create sa query from the 32-bit SQL HPDSDB database.

    3: On the 64-bit SQL Express HPDSDB server login with SQL Management Studio, edit the sa user to not enforce password policy. Open a query window and paste the information for the create sa user. CHANGE the “CREATE” to “ALTER” so it will simply update the sa user with the hash password from the 32-bit server.

    4: After you’re done install DSS on the 64-bit server and enjoy. The proper SQL Express instance will be used and the hard coded sa password is there. Same thing as above applies regarding running updates after the install.

    • Steve

      Hi, can you assist with the modified sql query that you that you decribe…can you post one perhaps?

    • Steve

      Hello Chris,
      I followed your instruction with slight tweak, I installed SQL 2005 Express 32bit on my 2008 R2 Enterpise and had to use the script for SQL 2000 for the source server and my exec sp_help_revlogin output (see below) which I ran the output on my destination server (sql Express 2005 32bit on Window 2008 R2 Enterprise. I already have created the instance HPDSDB.

      Output of sp_help_revlogin:
      NOTE: I did not change the CREATE to ALTER as it failed on that line when I ran it. So I left it as which it ran successfully on the Destination Server.

      /***** CREATE LOGINS *****/

      — Login: BUILTINAdministrators
      IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.server_principals WHERE [name] = ‘BUILTINAdministrators’)

      /***** SET DEFAULT DATABASES *****/

      — Login: BUILTINAdministrators

      /***** SET SERVER ROLES *****/

      — Login: BUILTINAdministrators
      exec master.dbo.sp_addsrvrolemember @loginame=’BUILTINAdministrators’, @rolename=’sysadmin’

      The output of the above sp_help_revlogin ran successfully on the Destination server. Now I attempt to install the DSS on my window 2008 R2 Enteprise, it attempted to launch/install MSDE which I clicked Run program on the Compatibility window. It attempted to install DSS but then I get a pop-up window saying that that “The specified instance name is invalid”.

      Can anyone help me on this? Thank you in advance

  4. R.Matthijssen


    Version 4.91 shoud work on Windows 2k8 R2
    I’be sent a mail to HP, to get this version, because I’m still getting version 4.20 when I download form the site


  5. Bret

    I was able to download 4.91 from the HP driver’s site as of today. Even though the site said 4.91, it was a link to 4.20. Apparently HP was debating on charging for the software and had pulled the download. Fortunately, they decided to keep it free.


  6. Artem

    Thank you!
    But, it is not clear why this is not reported on the HP website

  7. Justin

    The site now gives this message:
    HP Digital Sending Software Electronic Download

    HP Digital Sending Software version 4.91.21 is experiencing unexpected quality issues. We expect to have a new version of code that has fixed these issues available for download from this site by late September 2011. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Additional product information
    Product #: T1936AADEMO
    Version: 4.91.21

    Can anybody send me the file? Or point me to a link?

  8. Tim

    Are there any updates on where to get the 4.91.21 download?

  9. brian

    I know this is an old post … but DSS 5.0 does not install on WS2012R2 … I wanted to know if this could be done to migrate to DSS 4.9 to 64 bit SQL Server 2012 as the DB. I’ve run the scripts on the old 32 bit machine with the old DSS SQL 7.0 DB. But when I run scripts on SQL 2012 says “no logins found”. Also during install DSS 4.9 does not see HPDSDB on SQL2012 and tries to install the SQL 7.0 after you ignore the incompatible message.


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