Creating a Shared Mailbox in Exchange 2007

Open Exchange Management Shell and execute the New-Mailbox cmdlet using the following example as a template:


The following cmdlet assigns full access for the mailbox to a group in Active Directory named “My Shared Mailbox Admins” which needs to exist in AD prior to executing this command:


This cmdlet allows members of the “My Shared Mailbox Admins” group in Active Directory to be able to send email from the “mysharedmailbox@mikefrobbins.demo” email account:


Once these steps are completed, any AD user who is added to the “My Shared Mailbox Admins” group in AD will be able to open the “mysharedmailbox” and send email from this account.



  1. Lazara

    Thank you Mike!

  2. Jesse

    Awesome! Excellent write up! Thanks.

  3. Scott

    I followed your steps and I was able to create the shared mailbox and permissions. Now it will not give me permission to access the account. When I look at the “Send As” and “Full Access” permissions, it shows the security group that is suppose to manage the account. Where else should I investigate?

  4. Matthew Pereira

    Have a similar walk through for Exchange 2010?


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