System Optimization Tool

One of the system optimization tools I periodically run on my computers is CCleaner. It is a freeware program from During the installation of CCleaner, I take the following options, but this is more of a personal preference than a requirement:

When I run the actual program, I choose the options shown in the image on the right and I don’t make any changes to the Applications tab. For new users, I would recommend taking a look at the help section of the CCleaner website to determine the most appropriate options so you don’t remove anything you may need.

Once I’ve completed running the Cleaner portion of the program, I run the registry cleaner which is the second icon from the top from within the program, taking the default options. I run this portion of the program multiple times until there are no issues left to correct.

I’ve personally used CCleaner on multiple Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 based computers including 64 bit versions of these operating systems, although their website states that it’s not fully compatible with Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista x64. For several years it has been one of the better freeware tools in my toolkit and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a system optimization tool.


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